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The Peacemaker Project



The Peacemaker Project was developed from the notion that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are deeply influenced by social and situational cues. Using evidence based psychological research, The Peacemaker Project was developed as a set of tools to address bullying in schools. The Peacemaker project targets two tiers within the school system, the Year 12 leaders and the Year 7 students. The program provides insight into how bullying can have devastating consequences and offers tangible strategies to counteract the hostility.  

Educators are now beginning to think that promoting positive bystander intervention may be a more effective way to counter bullying. To succeed, anti-bullying programs must enlist the support of young people. One of the ways in which school bullying can be reduced is by encouraging students who observe bullying taking place at school to act in such a way as to discourage it. The Peacemaker Project embraces Dr Zimbardo’s beliefs that young people are all 'heroes in waiting', and have the potential to act heroically when called upon to do so.

The Peacemaker Project encourages awareness, empowers young people to act in ways that resolves conflict, and promotes action rather than inaction. The Peacemaker Project is currently being piloted at Mary MacKillop Catholic College, Wakeley, with some extraordinary results.